Kung Hei Fat Choi 2016 - Fishermen's Finest

As is customary at Fishermen's Finest, we celebrate the Chinese New Year.  Based upon the lunar calendar, February 8th marks the beginning of the year of the Monkey.  It is customary to wish people 'Kung Hei Fat Choi' or 'Congratulations and best wishes for a prosperous new year.'  We wholeheartedly embrace this sentiment.   

"Monkeys" are witty, intelligent and have a magnetic personality. 


The Fire Monkey (this year's Monkey) is the most active and aggressive of the Monkeys. Naturally dominant, s/he automatically gravitates towards leadership roles and is competitive in whatever s/he is doing. 

S/he also constantly strives to be in control of whatever situation s/he is in, which can become overbearing. The main drive for whatever s/he embarks on is to head straight for the top and stay there. However, when s/he is in charge of a situation, her/his people skills kick in and s/he does nurture those under his charge who need it.

With her/his Fire energy, this agile, impulsive Monkey often leaps where angels fear to tread. However, s/he is very creative, dynamic and has a particularly good talent at drawing people to her/him – this often helps her/him get out of scrapes. S/he’ll leap from tree to tree – whichever has the most fruit at the time – then find the quickest, cleverest escape before others get to him.

In general though, the Fire Monkey is flamboyant and charmingly friendly, and has a large social circle. 

Life Lessons:  The Fire Monkey’s aggression needs to be channeled correctly to correct and positive directions, or s/he risks become very destructive and harmful. If the Fire Monkey could develop more patience, it would be good for her/him and those who work with her/him The Fire Monkey also needs to think through her/his ideas before acting on them in order to safeguard her/his own interests.

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