Congratulations Konrad Uri - Fishermen's Finest

Fishermen's Finest is proud to acknowledge former US Liberator, American No.1 and US Intrepid skipper Konrad Sivert Uri for lifetime achievement in the fishing industry. Konrad was awarded the Person of the Year award Saturday night at the 59th Annual Northwest Fisheries Association holiday function at the Grand Hyatt in Seattle.

A veritable 'who's who' of the fishing industry was present to congratulate Konrad and Fishermen's Finest was happy to be part of the celebration.

Konrad Uri, together with Dennis Moran, Ms. Park, and Kristian Saturday night at the Grand Hyatt Seattle.


We are proud to call Konrad Sivert Uri Fishermen's Finest:

Konrad was born in 1934 to parents Konrad and Emma [Aure] Uri in Seattle, WA. His parents immigrated to the USA from the Sunnmore region of Norway; a mix of fishermen and farmers who left in pursuit of the American Dream.

Konrad's father and Uncle Sverre Aure (Uncle) ventured into the fishing business in straits of Juan de Fuca and off the coast of Washington State in the 1930's aboard the SWIFT II (dragger).  In 1945 they built the KRISTINE (68' longliner/trawler) in Tacoma. Uncle Sverre and this vessel would prove instrumental in the family's achievement of the Dream.

The family experienced many hardships through the years, but persevered. Konrad's mother died unexpectedly when Konrad was 13; his father passed away 6 years later. With the death of his father, Konrad dropped out of the University of Washington and went to sea with Uncle on the KRISTINE.

Called to serve our Country during the Korean Conflict, Konrad was drafted into the Army and served 1957-1959. This provided Konrad a vacation from the Sea.

In 1957, Konrad married Helen Johanson in the same church he met her at years prior (Ballard First Lutheran). A loving team with a common goal, Konrad and Helen have now been married 54 years and have three sons, all active in the fishing industry.

Konrad, Uncle, and brother-in-law Alf built the SEAVIEW (91' crabber) in 1968 at Pacific Fisherman Shipyard in Ballard. She was one of the early entrants in the King Crab fishery and was followed by the RAINIER (110' crabber 1971 Tacoma). The RAINIER was the family vessel, with Helen and the boys sailing aboard, along with nephews, neighborhood kids, and friends.

Uncle passed away in 1976 and Konrad continued working toward the Dream with noted vessels built/converted together with colleagues including the DEEP SEA (1975), PENGWIN (1977) and the ARCTIC TRAWLER (1979). Konrad achieved the National Fisherman 'Highliner' Award in 1981.  Over the years he also worked together with Senators Magnuson, Stevens, Gorton as well as Governor Dixie Lee Ray, and Congressman Norm Dicks towards Americanization of the US Fishing Industry, the 200 mile limit, and the Magnuson Act, etc.

Konrad fished through the 1990's and stopped fishing in 2003 (skipper of the Freezer Longliner US LIBERATOR). Reluctantly retired, Konrad is still active in the industry, serving on the Board of Directors of Pacific Fisherman Shipyard (the same yard that built his first crab vessel SEAVIEW in 1968).

Konrad Uri - NWFA Person of the Year - Fishermen's Finest congratulates you on your stewardship of our industry and nations resources!