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As is our custom at Fishermen's Finest, we try to find some time to have a little fun on Halloween; pictured above, Renee Brem, Eugene Park, Debbie Kowalski, Mike Guy, Kristian Uri, Courtney Banks & Wayne Okino.  

Kristian Uri and Liz Stout at the Seattle Propeller Club September 19, 2016

INVESTING IN OUR FUTURE -  rebuilding our American Fishing Fleet

Skipsteknisk's proven 'World Class' of trawlers, numbering 16+ worldwide 

Monday, October 10th marked another important development in bringing America's Finest® to life at Dakota Creek Shipyard in Anacortes, WA.


Video of this engine coming to life on the test bed in Augsburg Germany: 1700hrs August 26, 2015

And this is what she'll look like when it's all said and done aboard America's Finest® (stay tuned)

Along with the 4,800kw main engine, the Reintjes Reduction Gear and Hyundai 2,900kw shaft generator were also lifted aboard.  With this state of the art propulsion/generator system, America's Finest® will have the lowest carbon footprint in Alaska.

Read more from a newspaper article last week:  Building America's Finest by Jeremiah O'Hagan 

Fishermen's Finest, Skipsteknisk, Dakota Creek Industries, MAN Diesel - a team of Excellence!


By JEREMIAH O’HAGAN For Anacortes American October 5, 2016

Commissioning a new ship costs a bundle.

Ask Helena Park, CEO and founder of Fisherman’s Finest in Kirkland.

She has hired Dakota Creek Industries in Anacortes to build a ship unlike one built in the United States in more than 30 years.

230th Plenary Session The North Pacific Fishery Management Council will meet the week of October 3, 2016 at the Hilton Hotel, 500 W. 3rd Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501.

Details of the meetings to be held during the week follow:

Scientific and Statistical Committee: Oct. 3-6, 8am - 5pm, King Salmon/Iliamna Room
Advisory Panel: Oct. 4-8, 8am - 5pm, Katmai/Dillingham Room
Ecosystem Committee: Oct. 3, noon - 5pm, Lupine Room
Ecosystem Committee: Oct. 4, 9am - noon, Room 205 Old Federal Bldg
Halibut Management Committee: Oct. 4, 8am - noon, Lupine Room
Enforcement Committee: Oct. 4, 1-4 pm, Lupine Room
Council: Oct. 5-11, 8am - 5pm, Aleutian Room

All meetings are open to the public, except executive sessions.

We believe safety isn't an accident - you have to work proactively to maintain a safe workplace and to train a safe workforce.  That is why we encourage our crew to better themselves by attending safety courses offered through organazations such as

Not only do we encourage our crew, we step up to the plate and pay for our crew to attend.  Further, a more trained crewmember will move up in the pay scale aboard the vessels.  It's a win-win-win.

WETA of California has awarded Dakota Creek Industries of Anacortes Washington the contract to build 3 new high speed ferries.

We congratulate our friends at Dakota Creek, who are in week 60 of construction of our America's Finest® in Anacortes - Hull #63.

The three new vessels for San Francisco Bay Ferry will have a 445 passenger capacity (plus 50 bikes) and will travel at approx. 39mph on their route between Vallejo and San Francisco - reports the Times Herald Online

They also report that the first of the vessels will be delivered by late 2018, with the other two coming at 6 month intervals thereafter.