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We received our copy of the National Fisherman magazine in today's mail and there is a nice article about our flagship vessel, AMERICAN NO.1 and her role as a pivotal boat design in the American fisheries.

The new Unalaska port of Dutch Harbor Convention and Visitors Bureau Visitors Guide came out this month and Fishermen's Finest is pleased to have our Flagship Vessel AMERICAN NO.1 prominately displayed with former Unalaska mayor and current Natural Resources Analyst Frank Kelty's article regarding Unalaska and its role in the fishery resources of our nation.

Fishermen's Finest distributed our annual crew letters to our active crew via email and First Class mail today. We are proud to offer our dedicated crew access to Medical, Dental, Vision insurance as well as retirement planning through the Fishermen's Finest, Inc. 401(K) plan.  IMPORTANT: February is Open Enrollment month for insurance - Crew that wish to participate in our insurance plan effective March 1st must enroll in February - if you miss open enrollment, you will not have another chance until NEXT YEAR - 2013. If you are already a participant, you do not need to do anything.

Happy Chinese New Year ~ 2012 Year of the Dragon!

As Ms. Park proclaimed at her President's Address on January 10th, WE ARE DRAGON PEOPLE!

See our Ship's blog entry from earlier this month:  Ms. Park's Address

The element associated with the Dragon this year is Water and they while the Dragon is the only legendary animal in the 12 year cycle of animals in the Chinese Zodiac, it is known as a diligent, kind animal and a deliverer of good fortune.

Kung Hei Fat Choi - Happy New Year 2012

Fishermen's Finest ~ a team of excellence ~ our name says it all...

The AMERICAN NO.1 and US INTREPID departed North Pacific Fuel's 'Crowley' dock in Captains Bay (Unalaska port of Dutch Harbor) Thursday January 19th to start the 2012 Season

The US INTREPID and AMERICAN No.1 are pictured above sporting their NETS Systems Gull Wing Doors.  With 100% returning crew and a record amount of work completed in our Seattle Shipyard, we are ready for a safe and productive season ~ good fishing!

The U.S. INTREPID and AMERICAN NO.1 departed the Maritime Industrial Center (aka 'Old Coast Guard Dock') today (January 11th) en route to Dutch Harbor and the start of the 2012 fishing season (January 20th)

As is our tradition at Fishermen's Finest, we gather at the start of each season on the dock or in this case at the HJP Warehouse, right up the street from our regular moorage at the Maritime Industrial Center (aka 'Old Coast Guard Dock') to hear from our President, Ms. Park regarding our team's performance in the past and plan for the future.

Fishermen's Finest hosted a group of NMFS Federal Fisheries Observer trainees at the Maritime Industrial Center on Friday. It was a great opportunity for the observers to get a first hand look at our two trawlers and our crew provided hands on information of our operations.

NMFS Observer Class visits FFI Shipyard ~ January 6, 2012

A group of about 30 observers and supervisors were present and all of us at Fishermen's Finest wish them the best of luck! Fishermen's Finest has a rich tradition in the development of sustainable seafood and in support of the precautionary resource management programs developed by our industry and the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council. We are committed to being good stewards of our nation's resources - a responsibility that supports our employees, coastal communities, and seafood consumers around the world.

For more information about the Amendment 80 BSAI (Bering Sea and Aleutian Island) FMP (Fishery Management Plan), visit the following page:

Amendment 80

Note that while we operate in the A.80 fisheries, we have 2 Federal Observers aboard at all times; during our GOA (Gulf of Alaska) operations, we carry one observer. For more information regarding our observer contractor, visit their website:


And finally, for overall information about the Federal Observer Program, visit the following link:

Alaska Fisheries Science Center