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FFinest Crew tailgate at Pier 66 prior to 12/28/2014 Company Sponsored Hawk Game

Are you ready for some football?  How about a Bonus for our dedicated hardworking FFinest Crew?  

Here's the deal:  TEAM FFI has set our 2016 goal* for 70 trips between the AMERICAN No.1 and US INTREPID:

  • If we collectively complete 70 trips, all crew members in good standing with 130 days at sea will receive a ticket to the 12/24/2016 Seahawks v. Cardinals game at the Clink.
  • Crew members with 130 days at sea will also be eligible to receive a year end BONUS if the 70 trip threshold is met. 

This goal of 70 trips takes into consideration the longer trips with more valuable species we've had during the last month.  Bonuses will be based on overall company and individual performance throughout 2016.   

It's no secret that most of Fishermen's Finest are die hard HAWK fans; the rest are at least NFL Fans.  We take this opportunity to encourage and reward our TEAM while having a good time together.

Read more about our FFinest Hawk fans:

Seahawks 12/19/2014

Seahawks 12/28/2014

Go Hawks! American No.1 

Thanks Seahawks

As of this Ship's bLog entry, pre-season 2016/17 NFL season is just 72 days away.  We're ready for some football and a great conclusion of the fishing season.

Fishermen's Finest - a team of excellence - our name says it all. 

*(Updated 9/13/16 from 73 to 70 trips)

Aleutian Spray Fisheries, Inc. and Starbound, LLC celebrated the 'new and improved' STARBOUND today at Emerald Landing on Lake Union.

Congratulations to our fellow Amendment 80 Company United States Seafoods for the Christening today of the first new entry into the fleet, SEAFREEZE AMERICA.  

America's Finest ® was officially registered on Syttende Mai; seems fitting as the vessel is designed by Skipsteknisk AS of Aalesund Norway.

She is currently under construction at Dakota Creek Industries in Anacortes, WA - Hull #63

Photo by Harry von Stark at Dakota Creek Industries - week 46

Fishermen's Finest® and America's Finest® = a team of excellence. 

Fishermen's Finest is a team of family and friends and it shows.  Nowhere is this more evident than in our Captain Erin B. Moore.  

On April 17, 1986 Ms. Park hired Erin to work aboard the AMERICAN NO.1 as a fish processor.  An American Dream story, Erin worked his way up through the ranks to deck and then to the wheelhouse as First Mate aboard the US INTREPID in 1997 and up to Captain in 2003.  In 2012, he came full circle and was promoted to Captain of the AMERICAN No.1 - the same ship he started out as a fish processor aboard some 26 years earlier.  

Today, we were proud to acknowledge Erin's hardwork, dedication, fishing skills, seamanship, management and overall excellence in all that he does - FOR 30 YEARS.


We believe safety isn't an accident - you have to work proactively to maintain a safe workplace and to train a safe workforce.  That is why we encourage our crew to better themselves by attending safety courses offered through organazations such as

Not only do we encourage our crew, we step up to the plate and pay for our crew to attend.  Further, a more trained crewmember will move up in the pay scale aboard the vessels.  It's a win-win-win.

229th Plenary Session

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council will meet the week of June 6, 2016 at the Kodiak Harbor Convention Center, 235 E. Rezanof Drive, Kodiak, Alaska. Details of meetings to be held during the week follow: 

Scientific and Statistical Committee:  8:00 am, June 6-8, Harbor Room, Best Western     
Advisory Panel:  8:00 am, June 7-11 , Elks Lodge
Council:  8:00 am, June 8-14, Pavilion Room, Convention Center
Enforcement Committee:  1-4 pm, June 7, Stellar Room, Convention Center
Legislative Committee (T):  Pavilion Room, Convention Center